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David Lee Chef
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"Even after nearly thirty years in the kitchen I still love every moment of cooking, food and wine."  

Good food should be something that we should all be able to celebrate.  Even after the many years that I have spent in the kitchen there is still a world of great food and wine to enjoy with clients, friends and family.   This website serves many purposes, from an introduction to new clients, to recipes and ideas for dishes to cook at home, and interesting reviews, travels and opinions in my  food and wine blog.  I hope that there is something for everyone. From handmade breads and pastry to beautiful fresh seafood there is so much to enjoy.  So lets eat!

Roasted Duck with plums and pine nuts


With nearly thirty years experience as a professional chef in some of the best restaurants and with some of the worlds best chefs has lead me to offer my services to a wide range of clients both in Australia and world wide.

The last ten years I have spent working in exclusive villas, in residences and for private clients providing bespoke cuisine in all manners of locations and settings, both in Australia and around the world.  My professional development began many years in high level fine dining and has branched out from that point to include a wide  range of cuisine styles including modern french and Italian cookery as well as Middle Eastern and south East Asian cuisines. I also have extensive experience in Patisserie, chocolate making, sugar work and bakery. My renewed focus on food has led me too vegetarian and vegan cookery with an emphasis on healthy nutrient rich foods foods and a holistic approach to food and eating. I  favour sustainable and ethically produced fish and meats as well as organically grown vegetables, fruits and grains.  My food champions the excellent produce that is on offer though menus developed on individual clients needs considering  occasion, location and client needs.

So if your looking to hire a private chef for your next dinner party or a personal chef for your next holiday, or perhaps some canapés, larger parties or even everyday domestic cooking, specialised shopping or even a cooking lesson Im sure that I can help.  

For further information or bookings please don't hesitate to contact me though my contact page or select Private Chef Services from the drop down menu.  Contact: daveleechef@me.com Mob: +61 (0)418405920

Steamed Mushroom dumplings