David Lee Chef
David Lee Chef
Professional Chef : Consultant : Writer

Consultancy Services

I offer a wide range of consultancy services to restaurant owners and chefs looking for new ideas or a new set of eyes on an exisiting set up. I have worked with a number of different clients on different issues. With an client I like to work one on one to develop a ongoing plan that can assist on promoting successful business outcomes.

menu writing

Menu writing and implimentation is at the core of every kitchen and is often one of the core issues at the heart of any food service and hospitality business. When developing menus I am customer focused but I also understand the importance of business goals both long and short term, staff abilities and kitchen functionality. When writing menus begin by visting and establishing a relationship with all members of the kitchen staff. I generally write the menu based on feedback from all aspects of the food service. Menus are then costed and implimented during which I give ownership to the staff. My goal is to leave you with something that is yours. I have outlined menus that I have recently developed in the links below.

Training, Education and Team Development.

The foundations of a good meal are born from the training of the staff involved in the preparation and service.  There is a real importance in building happy and knowledgeable staff that form the core of happy teams.  A happy team becomes a productive team which is vital for good business outcomes.  Having spent the last twenty years training chefs in restaurant kitchens I have an in depth hands on knowledge of the principles of growing staff members within productive teams.  I have also in depth knowledge of the current vocational training though my work in Registered Training Organisations such as TAFE and other private providers.  I can provide support and in house training for all food service skills as well as back of house management skills in menu planning and costing, cost control, rostering and other essential kitchen management areas.

I hold current teachers qualification as well as Food Safety Certificates and relevant professional Cookery, Patisserie, Chocolate and Bakery Qualifications. I have developed many work based training plans including:

  1. Hygiene.

  2. Cooking and recipe development.

  3. Rostering and staff development.

  4. Managerial training.