Kricket, Soho London

Bar seating

From my memory, which right now, is a little hazy I dined at this smart little restaurant a day or so before I flew back to Australia near on two years ago. What isn’t so hazy is the effect that dining here had on me and that I had walked past the unassuming shop front four times before I noticed people queuing for the lunch service to begin. I can also still remember is the taste of the food, which was from an Australian point of view was stunningly interesting and deftly crafted. Our food influences back home rarely extend as far as India and the central Asian and sub-continent. That is to say that we do have restaurants whose cuisine is based from these areas but nothing at all to compare with the Indian food in London and the UK . The wine was beautifully handled and complimented the food, a racy Gruner Veltliner from Austria. The service was cheeky and unabashed with a real fun sense of hospitality.